To celebrate summer, I, your dedicated Duke, am sending you a very special correspondence… spreading the word about a private circle called The Royal House.

The Royal House is an exclusive club where anyone can be a member and get ranked as a Lady, a Duchess, a Queen or a Lord, a Duke, a King.

Wow, don’t we all want to be part of a secret club? Sounds exciting… but not at any cost!

On D&DJ, it’s different (as always). Anyone can join these private ranks, and upon your status, you can enjoy special offers on all your upcoming purchases.

Too good to be true. But wait, it’s actually true!

D&DJ wanted to thank anyone for their support, giving different benefits based on your loyalty (from the first step as Ladies and Lords to the ultimate rank of… Queens and Kings!).

To enjoy the exclusive offer, it is royally easy. No enrollment, no subscription! Once your shopping cart has recorded a minimum purchase of 100 USD, you become a Lady or a Lord! After a cumulated purchase of 300 USD, you are a Duchess or a Duke (like me!) and after a purchase of 500 USD, you achieve the coveted rank of Queen and King.

All ranks come with amazing benefits…!


Ladies Rank:

Enjoy FREE expedited shipping on any purchase over $75


Duchesses Rank:

Enjoy 10% off any purchase + free expedited shipping on any purchase over $75.


Queens Rank:

Enjoy 15% off any purchase + free expedited shipping on any purchase over $75 + free overnight shipping on special holidays.

For more information regarding our Loyalty Program, please refer to our Terms and Conditions